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The Incredible Stories of Our Customers

Our folding gazebos narrated by those who have had the pleasure of using them


  • Board of Vereinsring Pfaffenhofen a.d. Roth e.V. (summer festival of associations) - T. Simon
    "We were impressed by the flexibility and possibilities achievable with many 3×3 m folding gazebo combined together."
  • Team supervisor of the Motorsportclub Steingaden e.V. - N. Heichele
    "[...] Our team can be mighty proud to have found such a reliable and ambitious sponsor in Ecotent - in particular we thank your commendable commitment [...]"
  • Gymnasium Nordhorn - S. Vrielmann
    "[...] we finally have a hub for the event [...] and are all very satisfied. We were even approached by parents about the folding gazebo."
  • Frozen Fish International GmbH - T. Poppe
    "[...] we received the folding tent yesterday and are totally thrilled! The folding gazebo is so great that when we don't need it for events, our canteen cook wants it [...] to stand over his salad bar."
  • Director of the Bergische Greifvogelhilfe - D. Sindhu
    "[...] the folding gazebo has served us well [...]. It was, unlike my two other gazebos, even rainproof. [...]"


For frequent use and long standing times, we recommend the use of professional folding gazebos in the best quality and directly from the manufacturer. Although these are considerably more expensive to purchase than folding pavilions from DIY stores, experience has shown us that customers are better served in the long term. Especially when repairs are due, manufacturers offer better service, spare parts and extensive guarantees, which you will not find with wholesalers and importers.

These advantages are only available from manufacturers:

  • Personal customer service also after purchase
  • Repairs can be made directly by the manufacturer
  • Extensive spare parts guarantees for several years
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