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Party tent

Guaranteed good cheer thanks to waterproof party tents 

The date is set, the venue has been chosen, and the drinks menu is ready. You have thought of everything, and only one factor remains unpredictable: the weather. But never fear: with waterproof pop up gazebos for parties from Ecotent®, nothing can go awry. 

All you have to do is take care of your guests

Party tents that add character to your venue

Whether it's a big summer party with cool, sophisticated cocktails or a small garden party with friends and classic summer drinks, our party tents are always a good solution. Thanks to their mobile tent frame, you can celebrate wherever you want: a mountain hut today and the lake tomorrow, or a cookout on a tour of all your friends' back gardens. Mobile, flexible and versatile, they can be set up in no time and are stable and safe. This is why they adapt perfectly to all applications. Durable and top-quality, thanks to decades of expertise. And the best thing about them? Excellent value for money means you can invest in a product that will last over time and ensure you always have enough budget for gin & tonic and Pimm’s & lemonade!

No space for bad moods

100% waterproof party tents

Gloomy weather, gloomy mood? Not necessarily. If you want to hold your party outdoors, you definitely need to equip yourself with 100% waterproof party tents to ensure protection in case of bad weather such as drizzle or even continuous rain. With our gazebos, which set up in a moment, you can quickly create a dry place for your guests.

Waterproof Waterproof
Stable Stable
Personalisation Personalisation
Windproof Windproof
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You've got the agony of choice

The right size gazebo for your party

From small garden parties to public festivals, our party tents always fit. Why? Because our 11 sizes can be combined using our modular construction system to meet all requirements. You can use these tents separately or link them together to create different shapes and sizes for any party.

To sizes
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour orange.
8x4 m
Folding gazebo 6x4 m in the colour red.
6x4 m
Folding gazebo 6x3 m in the colour yellow.
6x3 m
Folding gazebo 4.5x3 m in the colour dark blue.
4.5x3 m
Folding gazebo 3x3 m in the colour bordeaux.
3x3 m
Folding gazebo 2x2 m in the colour white.
2x2 m
Folding gazebo 1.5x1.5 m in the colour ecru.
1.5x1.5 m
Something for everyone

How many people can you fit under a party tent?

Not sure what size you need? No problem. We will help you find the right party tent for you. First, it’s essential to determine the number and distribution of guests. After that, you can use the following information as a guide, bearing in mind that the type of equipment used can alter the availability of space. To calculate the size of gazebo you need, multiply the number of guests by:

  • 0.5 sq.m - for people standing;
  • 0.5 m² - for people standing at bar tables;
  • 0.5 m² - for people on the dance floor;
  • 0.8 m² - for people sitting on brewery sets;
  • 1.2 m² - for people sitting at rectangular tables;
  • 1.5 - 2 m² - for people sitting at round tables;
  • 0.7 m² - for people sitting on rows of chairs.
Configure your party tent

6x3m party tent

Our classics? 3x3 m, 4x4 m, 6x3 m, 6x4 m and 8x4 m party tents, by far. Why? Because, despite their size, they’re quick to set up, easy to handle and pack small for transport and storage.

  • 3x3 m party tent: a classic for any party. It’s often used as a shelter for small parties or back garden barbecues, and as a smoking tent or food or beverage stand at larger events.
  • 4x4 m party tent: the big brother. Is a classic 3x3 m pop up gazebo too small? Then the 4x4 m party tent is a good alternative.
  • 3x6 m party tent: a true miracle of space. With its 18 m² covered area, it’s ideal for large events and is currently our most popular solution!
  • 4x6 m party tent: when you’re thinking big. The 4x6 m party tent is the ideal choice if you want to hold the entire event inside, as it can accommodate as many as 48 people standing or 36 seated.
  • 4x8 m party tent: for large parties. The biggest gazebo in our range is the 4x8 m. Covering an area of 32 m², it is the perfect shelter for large outdoor events.
  • Modular construction system: want to cover a large area but still looking for a mobile solution that doesn’t require hours of set-up or special permits? Then you’re in the right place. Thanks to their modular design, our pop-up gazebos can be joined together in no time and with no tools.
Configure the right size
1, 2 or 3?

Three quality series for your parties

Depending on the duration and frequency of use, you can choose from three series of tent frames. All are high-quality but designed for different budgets and applications. Decide for yourself which tent frame is best suited to your project.

To our series comparison
The man attaches the LED strips to the folding gazebo.
for after-parties

Adjustable lights for party tents

For after-parties, the right lighting for your party tent is essential. There shouldn’t be too much light, but it mustn’t be pitch black, either. With Ecotent® dimmable LED strips, you can create the right atmosphere at any time. Unpack, hang up, connect, adjust the brightness, and you’re done. No power source nearby? No problem. Thanks to our mobile rechargeable battery, you can provide the right light until sunrise!

All about lighting
Designed for any application

Protective sidewalls for party tents

For windy or rainy days or for added privacy, our handy party tent sidewalls always protect your guests safely and reliably. Available in various designs, they will transform your outdoor space in no time and with no tools.

Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with closed side wall in ecru.
optimal visibility & wind protection

Closed sidewall

Classic. Attached in no time with Velcro straps, the closed side panel is a popular accessory option. On the one hand, it offers all-round protection from wind and weather, on the other hand, it creates additional printable advertising space.

Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with orange side wall with door.
Open Sesame

side panel with door

Come on in! The side panel with roller door invites customers or guests to step inside the pop up gazebo. The door can be completely opened and rolled up from the inside as well as from the outside by means of two zips.

Light grey folding gazebo 3x3 m with dark blue side wall with window.
Everything in view

Sides with window

Beautiful views. The side panel with PVC window allows you to look outside while it protects you from wind and weather. Thanks to the large panorama window, the pop up gazebo appears brighter and larger, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Light grey folding pavilion 3x3 m with light grey half-height side wall.
At waist level

Half-height sidewall

Ideal height. The half-height side panel enables direct customer contact at eye level. About one metre high, it is perfect for sales and trade fair stands. The crossbar with keder profile ensures a simple and stable attachment.

to the good times

side panel with counter

Even more capacity. Quickly assembled and fixed to the tent structure, the counter with its galvanised steel frame and glazed, wooden top is the perfect accessory for catering and event tents.

elegant, on all sides

Corner curtain

Festive. Add an elegant touch to your pop up gazebo with corner curtains. Ideal for festive occasions - from birthday parties to wedding celebrations.

A chilly atmosphere? No thanks!

Electric heater for winter parties

For cool evenings and seasons. At some point during the party, the atmosphere always warms up, and to warm up the room as well we offer radiant heaters. Once installed, they provide cozy warmth so everyone can show off their outfits without catching a chill!

theme party?

15 textile colours for any theme party

Your choice of colour to create the perfect atmosphere: you can choose from 15 standard textile colours or print your personalised colour all over the surface with  sublimation printing. Of course, you can also brand your gazebo with personalised logos and lettering. 

Check out all our colours
No hitches

Stable and safe party tents sold directly by the manufacturer

Manufacturing experience and expertise meet dynamic and fresh ideas. Always living up to our customers’ expectations and ready to exceed them. The finest European quality at competitive prices. We look forward to accompanying you down the aisle with an Ecotent® to protect you on the Big Day of your dreams.

One gazebo, countless parties

Are you looking to rent a party tent?

Do you really only need your party tent once? Then it’s definitely more convenient to rent one. If not, owning your own pop up gazebo is definitely the best solution. With three high-quality series, we offer the right solution for every budget. Plus, you can add a personal touch with fresh colours and eye-catching designs. What are you waiting for? One purchase, countless parties and infinite unforgettable moments.

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